Haz-Subs Training Limited

Established in 2023 with a focus on providing quality training for those using, storing, handling and manufacturing Hazardous Substances.

If you require Certified Handler training, please send us a message using the Contact Us form below. 

Online training solutions

Haz-Subs Training Limited has been established to solely provide online training options for organisations and industry. The main focus is for those using, storing, handling and manufacturing hazardous substances, but in the future we will also develop and offer other relevant online training, information and resources. 

Partnering with

Gerard Luby,
Director of Premier Safety Ltd (www.premiersafety.nz)

Jarrod Graham,
Director of LOOP Health and Safety Ltd (www.loophealthsafety.co.nz)

Brendan Haughian and Tony Neilson, Directors of Envirohaz Ltd (www.envirohaz.co.nz)

Contact Us

Do you have any questions or comments about Hazardous Substances training? Feel free to contact us with the below form.

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